Dan Bluestein, Oakland

“I wanna go see the fire truck,” says T.
“OK, after we pay the check we can go out to the fire station and see if it’s still there.”

It’s still there, bright and shiny in the late morning sun. The firefighter who’s outside the station comes over and tells us that it’s brand new. “Pierce just delivered it.”
Big D. asks, “how much does a new fire truck cost?”
“It was…oh I don’t even want to tell you how much it was,” arms raised defensively. “It was a lot but don’t worry, we got a grant for it!”

“Did they get it at the motorcycle store?” Asks T. as he’s playing with a toy motorcycle.
“No, I don’t think they sell fire trucks at the motorcycle store.”
“Oh, they got it from the fire truck store! Let’s look at the back of it.”

T. says “I wanna dig for worms on the grass with this stick.”

Diana says, “Don’t dig on the fire station’s grass, they work hard to keep it looking good.”
I reply, “Don’t worry, I bet they got a grant for lawn maintenance.”